Music and Marriage: A Montage for Life

Music and MarriageChoosing the right music for your wedding can be a very important step in the planning process.  After all, these are the moments that will be remembered for a lifetime and the perfect song is sure to amplify the experience for your special guests. Yet, it isn’t just in those few treasured hours that melodies will play an important role in the relationship with your spouse.  In fact, music can be a sort of mortar that holds two people together.

When choosing the right harmonies for your big day, keep in mind the moments you have shared together thus far. Most often, the songs with the greatest meaning are those that are a reminder of something that has already occurred.  Even if you have decided on ‘the song’ chances are that at some point during your relationship a song played as the two of you danced, kissed, or otherwise enjoyed each other’s company.  Maybe there was a song that made you both laugh while riding in an elevator.  Perhaps one served as a backdrop the first time you ate in your favorite restaurant.  Was there music playing when he proposed?  These are the types of special moments that cement a relationship between two people, so using the music from them will pay homage to them before all of your family and friends.

As your marriage blossoms, don’t forget to listen to those special ballads or upbeat melodies from time to time, as a means of rekindling the love that existed on your wedding day. Also, leave room in your life for many shared songs in the future.  If you hear a song that makes you think of your spouse while driving, then take down the name of it and the artist so you can share it with him or her later.  In intimate moments, let music play in the background or get up and dance when a favorite comes on the radio.

Music can serve as an emotional trigger to the brain. It can carry the person through time and space to recall, in near perfect detail some long forgotten moment in the past.  It doesn’t even have to be a momentous occasion like your wedding day.  It can be something as sharing in a silly little dance in your very own kitchen or changing up the lyrics with each other while seated among millions. Through the magic of music those moments will be remembered forever.  So use that to your advantage and make many lasting memories with music as you grow old together.  Who knows how many songs will make you smile as you celebrate your golden anniversary!

What was your favorite wedding song?  Do you have a tune that always reminds you of your newlywed days? We’d love for you to share via a comment.

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