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Wedding First DanceWeddings have gone from very traditional modest events of the past to huge extravaganzas with everything coordinated down to the very last detail.  These days couples are more creative when adding their personal touch to their wedding (thanks to all of the DIY wedding inspiration and How-To blogs).  One of the newest trends is to put your own spin on your first dance such as choreographed moves or an impromptu thing in the moment. I’ve attended many weddings where the bride and groom have clearly taken dance lessons and have showed their ballroom dancing skills off to their guests (making parents and grandparents incredibly proud).  Some couples keep it simple by choosing their favorite love song to dance around to, holding each other tight (sneaking in little smooches and smiles while guests are taking photos like the paparazzi).  There’s nothing wrong with that (my husband and I did it), in fact that is still the norm; however, I have to say I wish we would have shocked our guests with a dance routine after watching some of the glorious videos on YouTube.  If your special day hasn’t already passed and you’re looking for an idea to WOW your guests at no further cost to you, your parents, your in-laws (or anyone else chipping in to make your wedding an event to remember), I encourage you to watch the following videos. Seriously, consider the possibilities (if for nothing else, just watch them for entertainment) …

Bridal Party Dance: Whether it’s down the aisle like the YouTube sensation JK Wedding Entrance (also featured on the Today Show) or a choreographed dance at the reception your guests will truly enjoy watching you and the honored members of your bridal party pop-n-lock, do the ‘robot’, or classics like ‘the sprinkler’ or the ‘shopping cart’…almost no move is inappropriate (notice I said “almost,” there will be grandparents there)!

Bride and Groom First Dance: Do you and your man have “swagger” much like Jay-Z and Beyonce?  Or are you beyond outgoing and confident enough to not care whether people are laughing with you or at you?  If so, this is your opportunity to let loose (go ahead, do ‘the worm’ or ‘get low’) and show your guests your sense of humor like the couple featured in the Awesome First Dance for Bride and Groom at Wedding Reception video did.

Father-of-the-Bride and Bride Dance: This is time to share a few minutes with your Daddy (the man who loved you first) and is meant to be special.  If the two of you love to dance or clown around then you could totally pull off a choreographed performance such as the Father/Daughter Hip Hop Dance. Read more about how this dance was put together to the groom’s complete surprise on thegroomsays.blogspot.

Whether you go the traditional route or end up looking like a dancing machine on the dance floor, make those special moments, moments to remember!

*All videos are on YouTube titled exactly how you see them listed in this post

Did you feature a surprise dance that left your guests screaming ‘You Go Girl’ during your wedding/reception? If so, we’d love to hear about it!

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