Do You Need A Vacation From Your Spouse’s Job?!

Newlywed VacationWhat do you do when you and your spouse seem to be at each other’s throats a little more than usual? Do you find yourselves having the same annoying arguments over and over again? Lately I’ve noticed in my marriage that our reoccurring issues are stemming from one thing—his stress from work! This excessive stress has been coming home with him after leaving the office, and affecting our relationship! Work has been absolutely devouring my husband, consuming his energy, his every thought and every second of the day, so much so that even when we’re “spending time” catching up on our favorite shows on the couch, work calls continue to come in and he is still on the computer! Don’t get me wrong, I certainly appreciate his dedication and passion that he has for his job, but there comes a point where the happy median between work and pleasure needs to be a bit more… defined! In a serious effort to divert further issues and arguments, I called an intervention and demanded a vacation!

I believe there comes a point in every relationship where one, or both parties, becomes unintentionally wrapped up in one thing, and all of the remaining things in life suffer! Sooo, my solution- a romantic getaway! A nice vacation just me and the hubby (and by request- no computers!)  I figured this was the only way get him away from his workload and at the same time will give us a chance to devote sole attention to one another, and spend some much-needed quality, romantic time- alone! Your marriage is a partnership, so it’s important to recognize one another’s needs and to be there to show each other support and love!

Now that we have moved out of the never-ending winter season, I want nothing more than the sand in my feet and a nice dark tan! Here are some getaway ideas and inspiration that I wanted to share with you from one of my fav’s, Travel and Leisure’s Ideas Section and here are some amazing hot-spots, rated the top destinations of 2011!

Do you and your spouse have a go-to place when you just need a romantic getaway? We would love to hear you favorite vacation spots- it always helps to spark new ideas for those in need of a getaway, so please share!

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