Easter Is a Time For Sweets! Don’t Go Empty Handed!

Easter CookiesWhether you are playing host this weekend, or have plans to visit the fam for Easter, or even if you have no plans at all and have a relaxing day at home, we’ve got some fabulous, fun recipes for you to try out and test your creative skills! If you are traveling to visit family and friends this weekend, it’s always good to show off your domestic skills- especially to your mother-in-law! I have compiled a few of my favorite Easter desert recipes to share with you that the kids and adults alike are gonna love!

This Bunny Cake is so fun to make, and almost too cute to eat!

If you’re looking for the perfect kid-friendly dessert (and who doesn’t love marshmallows?!), try this Cupcake Bunny Cake.

Easter is about the sweet treats, but don’t completely forget about your veggies!  This one definitely takes the cake! Check out this Carrot Cake which is also going to give you your full serving of fruit for the day as well!

Easter Egg Cookies show off your creativity and use these to decorate around the desert table!

Not much of a cook- make this chocolate Trix treat- you can’t go wrong with cereal!

Please let us know if you have tried one of these delicious deserts or if you decide to experiment with one this weekend! Do you have a favorite “go-to” crowd-pleaser dessert? Please Share!

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