4 Fast Ways To Fallify Your Home

Newlywed Fall DecorationsOne of the best things about a new season is refreshing the seasonal decorations around your house or apartment.  As a newlywed, I feel like I can spend a bit more on décor as I’ll be using it year after year as we celebrate the seasons!  Here are a few quick ways to embrace Fall…

Mums - Inexpensive and incredibly festive, mums come a huge variety of colors and sizes.  Pick colors that blend with your household or choose ones that contrast for a pop of color on your porch, tables or walkway.  Need a quick hostess gift?  Wrap some ribbon around the middle of a potted mum…instant seasonal goodie!

Acorns – I’m serious.  Talk a walk with your honey and collect a bag of acorns as you stroll.  Then use them to fill glass containers to decorate tables and counters.  You can also scatter them around a Fall table centerpiece for added flair.

Wreaths – What better way to welcome guest to your home than with a fabulous fall wreath.  You can go with a traditional leaf style wreath or mix things up with one with berries or mini pumpkins!  Feeling crafty?  Try this 4-step DIY wreath!

Pumpkins – They’re not just orange anymore.  Take a trip to your local farmers market to find amazing pumpkins in cream, burgundy and even light blue.  Purchase enough to have a few couples over and engage in a jack-o-lantern carving party!  Everyone will have a great time and leave with a decoration for their own home.

What seasonal decorations are your favorites?  Do you have heirlooms to use or are you making your own this year as a couple?  We’d love to hear from you in a comment.

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