Name Change Kit?

Name Change Kit ConfusionWe get lots of questions about name change and exactly what the service is.  Many newlyweds wonder if we are a name change kit for brides? While we do help brides and newlyweds change their names on all of the necessary paperwork…the answer is below:

Short Answer: No, we are not a name change kit.

Long Answer: We are an online name change service.

What’s the difference? When you order a name change kit you spend precious newlywed time waiting for it to come in the mail, sorting through the multitude of forms you receive, writing in your information eight million times and then figuring out where/when/how to file each form from the paragraphs of legal mumbo jumbo instructions.  Not sounding too “convenient” is it?

The service allows you to purchase an online name change account and immediately begin answering questions that will auto-complete the name change forms you specifically need to file in your state and situation.  You enter your maiden name and new married name ONCE and those names appear in the appropriate places on all of your name change forms. Say goodbye to writer’s cramp and white out!  Our service also provides easy filing instructions for each form, including a bullet pointed list of what needs to be filed with the form and insider tips on how to file by mail or miss the long office lines.  We’ve simplified the 13 hour hassle of married name change into 30 minutes!

Hopefully that clears up the difference between name change kits and name change services!  Please let us know if you have more questions in a comment.

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