3 Unique Party Ideas to Get Rid of the January Blahs

Newlywed Friend PartyThe glamour, glitz and excitement of New Years have worn off, and now it’s just dreary mid-January.  Much like the post-wedding blues, many newlyweds also experience a post-holiday slump.  The solution?  Planning a fun but low key party with friends!  My favorite parties have a theme that gets guests excited and keeps me from worrying about party entertainment. Below are a few ideas (admittedly 2 were “borrowed” from my friend and amazing hostess Jill):

Favorite Things: Just like Oprah…only with a $5 to $10 limit.  Figure out how many friends are attending and then have each guest bring one less than that number of their favorite things.  You’ll have tons of fun unwrapping, explaining and using everyone’s favorite things.  The party I attended resulting in cool nail polish, a miracle hangover cure, holiday socks, satin pillow cases and much more!

Spa/Slumber Party: Send out an evite to have all your girlfriends come over for a little pampering and a chic flick.  Mud masks, nail painting, pizza and the latest girly movie will make this an event everyone can look forward too.  Party favor idea: attach mini rhinestones to disposable toe separators…cute!

Swap Party: Plan a get together where you and your friends bring accessories to swap.  It’s easiest to trade one size fit all items like scarves, jewelry and clutches.  If you’re all similar sized, you can open it up to belts, jeans, etc.  Everyone will leave with something “new to them” and a little more room in their closets!

Whatever kind of party you choose to plan, just having something to plan and knowing that you’ll be seeing a group of your friends will give you a much needed boost this January.

Please let me know your favorite party themes in a comment!

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