Jennifer Aniston Considers Name Change After Marriage

Photo Source: BANG Showbiz

Think you’re having trouble deciding whether you should change your name after marriage? Imagine being famous, like Jennifer Aniston famous, and deciding whether you should take his name, keep your name or hyphenate. Based on an article I just read, it seems that America’s sweetheart is considering becoming Mrs. Theroux.

Jennifer’s reasoning is that taking a new married last name will give her a fresh start.  She has the challenge of figuring out if a married name will dim her stardom and recognition. Personally,  I don’t think anyone will have any trouble recognizing Jennifer.

Brides-to-be who aren’t famous still have to decide if a new name will affect their careers in a positive or negative way. Many are taking two last names or keeping their maiden names as middle names to maintain recognition.  Still other newlyweds are happy to have a new name on their business cards and new initials on their monogrammed bags!

What aspects of career and personal life weighed into your decision to change your name after marriage or not?

p.s. Jen if you read this, MissNowMrs would love to help you change your name!

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