Fresh Start To Spring Fitness

Stuck in a bit of  a winter exercise rut? We’ve got a great new product to give you a fun, fresh start to spring fitness: KlutchClub. It’s like Birchbox but filled with fitness and health goodies instead of beauty samples.

My KlutchClub box (which is the size of a shoebox) arrived jam packed with samples.  Earbuds shaped to fit women’s smaller ears, Omega 3 squeezes,  coupons for free fitness video downloads, dream water, a mud mask, superfood water mixes and several varieties of power bars. I was like a little kid at fitness Christmas! My favorite item was the good greens power bites.  These chocolate chunks contain 3 servings of fruits/veggies as well as 30 vitamins and minerals.  Best of all, they’re 50 calories and don’t taste like dog food!

At $10 a box plus shipping, KlutchClub boxes make great gifts. If you’re married to a fitness freak you could order a box (they have ones for women or men) and use it to create a healthy Easter basket for them!

p.s.  MissNowMrs readers get a discount on Best Of Boxes (containing the best goodies).   Use coupon code NOWMRS to save $5!

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