5 Tips For Including Pets in Your Wedding

Everyone loves their pets, and more and more brides are finding ways to include them in their engagements and weddings.  Crystal of Bel Air, MD submitted this amazing shot of her and her fiance’s dogs announcing “Our humans are getting married”. I love the originality and the inclusion of something meaningful and personal in their engagement shoot!

Pets can be difficult to “pose” in photos, but portraits are a great way to include them in your Big Day.  Finding a photographer familiar with animals as subjects will make your shoot much less stressful.  I suggest factoring photographers’ levels of experience and openness to including pets into your decision making process for your engagement/wedding photographer.

Including your pet in your wedding is another big decision to make.  Crystal’s thoughts are “Our dogs are like family that’s why we wanted them included. We are going to try to incorporate them into the wedding probably wearing some sort of here comes the bride sign or something.”  If you feel the same way about your pets and your wedding, read our five tips below to ensure success.

5 Tips for Including Pets in Your Wedding

1. Make sure that your ceremony site allows pets on site.

2. Consider your pet’s temperament before adding them to your wedding.  Are they comfortable in large groups?  Obedient under pressure?

3. Do any of your family members or bridal party have an allergy to your pet (that would make for uncomfortable photos)?

4. Who will be “in charge” of your pets during and after the ceremony?  You & your spouse will have many other obligations during your Big Day!

5. Practical Attire: consider the safety of your pets if you dress them up for your wedding.  If they hate and/or eat costumes regularly, you may have to  compromise with fancy collars

Considering these 5 tips should save you stress and help you decide if your pets are perfect for your wedding or possibly better for photo ops before and after! We’d love to hear your thoughts on pets in weddings in a comment!

Here are a few more photos from Crystal’s engagement shoot:  Photographs by Wanda Burns and Bob Mccubbin editing Autumn Grinath

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