A New Free Way to Handle Wedding RSVPs

Certain aspects of wedding planning are fun, like dress shopping and cake tastings.  Other aspects of wedding planning can be a total headache, especially getting your guests to RSVP. It doesn’t make sense…you’re inviting friends and family to an amazing event (your wedding) but they can’t complete and mail back the RSVP card?!  Personally, I had one guest invite a date (he was not a plus 1) and then not attend our wedding…leaving 2 empty chairs at our 80 person event.  That fact still burns me!

Instead of stressing, hounding, calling & emailing to figure out how many guests will be at your wedding you can use RSVPify.  This nifty new service allows you to solicit guest RSVPs online via your current wedding website or a custom one you make with RSVPify.  Aside from simplifying and streamlining the RSVP process, you can also use their drag and drop seating chart to organize your wedding tables (2 birds, one stone)!  I also like their real-time guest number widget that lets you know your exact number of accepts and declines at any given moment.  One more important fact about RSVPify…it’s FREE!

Have you used RSVPify or had any guest RSVP incident(s) that made you wish you had?  Share your experience in a comment below!

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