Hyphenated Names: The Top 3 Con’s of Taking Both Last Names

hyphenated name

Thinking about hyphenated names as a name change option after marriage?  While popular in the 1970’s hyphenating names has recently been on the decline with U.S. brides.  Below are three cons for hyphenating your maiden name with your spouse’s last name.

Hyphenated Names: Top Con’s

1. You’re Legally Bound To Use Both. Whether you’re signing a check or introducing yourself at a cocktail party, choosing a hyphenated last name legally binds you to use it at all times.  Think of that little dash as crazy glue holding your names together….forever, no matter how tired you are of saying them both.

2. They’re a Mouthful. In a world where time is of the essence and most people have a two second attention span, having a hyphenated last name is annoying.  I remember a friend from college who would introduce herself, roll her eyes and say “yes I have a hyphenated last name”.

3. Kid Complications. If you have children, which name will they use as a last name?  If they use both last names, what name do they use when they get married?  What happens if they marry someone else with a hyphenated last name (note: 4 last names is totally ridiculous unless your royalty)?

Agree or disagree with the con’s of hyphenated last names listed above?  Let us know in a comment.  Feel like I’m name bashing?  Please check out my previous post on the Top 3 Pro’s of Hyphenated Names.

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