Married Name Change and Politics (seriously)

michelle nunn

From the title of this post you may be assuming that I’ll discuss the delicate nature of name change after marriage and all of the various things to consider before making your decision.  In fact, this blog is literally about married name change in politics.  As the founder of an online name change service, many people misconstrue my stance on name change after marriage.  I don’t actually believe that every woman should change her name.  I simply believe that if a woman is going to change to her married name, she shouldn’t waste 13 hours re-inventing the wheel and fighting red tape.  Name change is a personal decision and should be left up to each individual.  In that vein, their decision on name change should never be held against them.

Michelle Nunn is a democratic senate candidate in Georgia.  Women as senators…great idea right? There shouldn’t be any sexist push back on that concept in 2014…right?  Wrong. Ms. Nunn’s opponents are trying to use her lack of married name change against her.  They contend that she is “riding her famous father’s coat tails” by using her maiden name as a candidate.  While Nunn may receive some goodwill and recognition for her maiden name, her opponents also have political fame from their fathers’ names.  Interestingly enough, those candidates didn’t change their names after marriage (as they’re men).  Pot meet kettle.

Your thoughts on this political situation would be greatly appreciated.  Please leave a comment!

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