Ashlee Simpson Is On the Married Name Change Train of 2015

Ashlee Simpson Name Change

There’s nothing like a new year to spark newlyweds’ need to change to their new married names!  Following her November nuptials with Evan Ross, Ashlee Simpson is changing her maiden name to the married name of Ross-Naess.  Her husband, Evan’s legal last name is Naess, but he is know professionally by his mother’s last name of Ross.  The family elected to combine both names with a hyphen and all have the same name.

While her sister, Jessica Simpson, was the first to announce wanting to change to her married name, Ashlee looks to be the Simpson making a new married name official in 2015.  Mrs. Ross-Naess is typically a trend setter, so it will be interesting to see if her hyphenated last name increases the popularity of hyphenation with brides and newlyweds this year.  Hyphenation was trending downwards as a name change option in 2014, as many women elect to take their maiden names as middle names and forgo the mouthful hyphenations can create.

Whether you’re a celebrity or not, 2015 is a great year to make the transition to Mrs. is an easy online name change service that condenses the 13 hour process into 30 minutes!  It’s a brides best option (unless you have personal assistants).

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