Angelina Changes to Her Married Name, Surprising the World with a Semi-Conventional Switch

angelina jolie name change

Every time the world believes it understands Angelina Jolie, she does something unconventional.  Now she’s surprising the press by doing something semi-conventional: changing her name after her marriage to Brad Pitt.  Angelina has made two high profile uses of the name Angelina Jolie Pitt recently, which indicates she’s made the switch mentally and most likely legally.

Taking two last names is a very popular name change choice for newlyweds in 2015, and it makes sense for Angelina.  This option allows the star to keep the maiden name associated with her early work and take on her husband’s famous name.  More importantly, her last name will now match those of her six children.  Her age also plays a factor, as most women over 35 tend to keep their maiden names in some way.

The other name change trending upwards with brides this year is taking a maiden name as a middle name.  This name change options also allows women to hold onto their maiden names but not have to say them at every introduction.  Curious what name change option is right for you?  Play the Married Name Game and let its patent-pending algorithm help determine the married name that is perfect for you!


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