Your Married Name: Would You Keep It If Your Marriage Ended?

Married Name Change or Not

As a married name change expert, I do a great deal of reading on the topic of (surprise) married name change.  Once in a while the concept of married names and divorce comes up.  As this is a newlywed blog, we don’t mention the “D word” very often.  However, married name change and its ramifications (including after a marriage sadly ends) is something everyone newly engaged or newly married woman should consider.

Changing your name after marriage is a very personal choice.  If you do opt to become a Mrs., your name changes legally and stays changed until you pass away or opt to legally change it again based on another marriage, divorce or a whim.  This is not a decision to be made lightly as it involves mountains of paperwork to accomplish and mountains more to change if you change your mind.  Have you made up your mind and decided in favor of changing your name?  Save 13 hour of stress and hassle with the online name change service.

The name change article I read was answering someone’s question as to why a divorced woman would choose to keep her married name post divorce.  While a new married name is new when you’re changing your business cards and monograms, it becomes part of your identity as you build your career, family and life.  At some point your new name is simply your name.   Many women opt to keep married names post divorce to have the same name as their children or continue to keep the name recognition that they have built in their area of work or expertise.  Some women keep their married names because that is what they are comfortable with or even to spite their ex husbands.

Name change post divorce is a very similar process to married name change. Instead of using a marriage certificate to file for your new name, you will need a legal name change order in your divorce decree.  That is the legal document that allows your legal name change after your divorce is finalized.  Should you be ready to get your maiden name back, services like streamline the process for a nominal fee.

Once again, name change proves to be a highly personal choice with many factors regardless of whether you are taking/adding your spouse’s last name or taking your maiden name back.  Choose wisely ladies!

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