Name Change Form Labels: It’s the Little Things

little things was created to streamline the paperwork and red tape surrounding name change after marriage for newlyweds. Not every woman should change her name after saying “I do”, but the 88.6% of brides that do decide to change their names shouldn’t have to waste 13 hours jumping through hoops.

Our easy online name change service asks a series of questions and then uses the answers to auto-complete name change forms for Social Security, the IRS, the State Department (for your updated passport), the United States Postal Service, Motor Vehicle Administrations, Voter Registration Offices and over 15 million creditors.  This service condenses 13 hours of name change hassle into 30 minutes of typing on your computer…but we’re constantly innovating and improving at MissNowMrs headquarters.

As we contemplated what else we could add to accounts or do to make our client’s experience that much better/simpler we had a great idea: address labels.  Our online name change accounts now include labels to print with all of the appropriate office addresses as well as return address labels…making changing your name after marriage THAT much easier!  Sometimes it’s the little things like labels in your new married name and friendly customer service agents that add up to an amazing experience. You’re welcome, and happy name changing ladies!

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