The Top 3 Wedding Gifts for Tech Savvy Brides

3 gifts for tech savvy brides

Wedding season is in full swing, and the quest to find the perfect gift can be daunting. If everything on the couple’s wedding registry is taken (or out of your budget) it’s time to get creative. We’ve compiled the top three wedding or shower gifts for tech savvy brides to make your gift giving easier!

The Skylight Frame

Wedding photos are so special, but it can be difficult to display as many as you’d like… especially if you have a tiny apartment. Enter the Skylight frame! It’s a digital photo frame that uploads photos using wifi, so thousands of wedding photos and videos can rotate position in one frame on the mantle! As time goes on, honeymoon, vacation, and of course baby photos and videos can be added to the frame via the Skylight app or email. At $150, we’re calling this a practically perfect wedding gift that will be used for years!

iRobot Roomba

Help keep the romance alive by buying a wedding gift that handles housework. The iRobot Roomba is app-operated and does scheduled vacuuming while you’re at work or asleep. It’s a $299 tech solution to an everyday chore any couple would be happy to have.

A Gift Card for the MissNowMrs App

Save a newlywed from the name change nightmare with a gift card for the MissNowMrs App! The user simply snaps photos of their driver’s license barcode, selects their new name and new address, and then taps the answers to 15 questions. When they’re done, all of their name change forms for Social Security the IRS, US Passport, etc., are auto-completed and mailed to them with pre-addressed and pre-posted envelopes. With a price point of $69.95, this is an incredibly reasonable and thoughtful wedding or shower gift!

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