Married Name Change vs. Legal Name Change

While married name change and legal name change both result in a new name, they are different processes. The married name-change process involves filing a series of state and U.S. government name-change forms using your certified marriage certificate as your legal proof of marriage. Your marriage certificate is the legal document that gives you the right to change your last name, and in some states your middle name, due to marriage. would be happy to assist you with your married name change by simplifying the research, completion and filing of your name-change forms & notification letters. We save each customer an average of 13 hours of stress & hassle!

If you’re not married or getting married, but want to change your name, you will need to follow the name change process. This involves petitioning the U.S. court system for a name-change order. The name-change order will be the legal document that allows you to change your first, middle and/or last name within the United States. is the company we recommend using to obtain your legal name-change court order. They prepare all of the necessary county-specific documents for you and then provide detailed instructions on how to file for your new name. What could be simpler at the great price of $139?

Have questions about whether you qualify for a married name change or if you need to apply for a legal name change? Please call our support team at 800.301.9296 or email us at!

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