Driver's License Name Change

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How To Change To Your Married Name on Your Driver’s License:

Changing your name on your driver’s license can be complicated. Which form(s) do you use, what are you required to bring with you & where do you file? We’ve spent hours researching those answers so you don’t have to! Please click to view our video that explains the dos and dont’s of driver’s license name change.
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Which Driver's License Forms Should You File?

Each state driver’s license office has a different form and sequence in which you must file for your name change. Depending on your state of residence you may need to file to change your name on your Social Security Card before you can change your name at the DMV. If you’ve moved, you will need to bring at least two proofs of residency (typically utility bills, pay checks, insurance bills). It is also important to know your license plate number and VIN number to complete your form(s) correctly.

Think driver’s license name change seems like a hassle?

Wait until you begin the name-change process on all of your other state and U.S. government forms of ID! If you’d like to skip the pain of name change and complete all of your forms in under an hour while receiving expert filing tips & advice, click the Get Started button below.
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