We Support Stree-Free Brides: Let Your Man Lighten the Load

Remember the old days when a groom’s wedding involvement consisted of renting a tux, having a bachelor party, and showing up on the wedding day to smile for photos? Luckily for all of you brides out there, those days are over.

It’s no secret that grooms today are getting more and more involved with the planning of their wedding. TheManRegistry.com gives those grooms an outlet to register for gifts, research their wedding responsibilities, and buy groomsmen gifts.

Our industry-first groom’s wedding registry offers couples a chance to register for the wedding gifts that are more geared towards the guy. We offer thousands of products in categories such as tools, outdoors, bar, grill, and sports-themed gear. Our content section features how-to guides on topics ranging from buying the perfect ring to planning the honeymoon to writing vows. We give the groom the tools to make his wedding planning experience as painless as possible. Furthermore, we post weekly entries on our blog that are written by experts on the bride’s side of the wedding (including the inside scoop from www.MissNowMrs.com). These entries give grooms a look at wedding planning through the eyes of a woman.

So, what does this all mean for you brides out there? We firmly believe that an involved and active groom makes for a much more peaceful and enjoyable wedding planning experience for the bride. 


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