Top 5 Wedding Trends of the Winter Season

Brides these days may be trying to stick to their budgets– BUT even as the dollar is being stretched a little further, keeping up with the hottest wedding trends does not fall to the wayside! So here’s a breakdown for the fabulous Winter Wedding Brides! The number one trend of the season is Color. Most people tend to think that because it is the holiday season, that brides will automatically choose red and green. Believe it or not, this season brides are choosing to mix darker rich gem colors (mostly dark purple and light lavender) with traditional whites and silvers…while grooms are sticking to dark black suits with matching shirts of course! The key is to avoid colors that you typically see during the summer. That brings us to top trend number 2– Transportation. Brides and Grooms are renting large SUVs limousines, H2 Stretch Hummer limousines, exotic cars, while eco-friendly couples are using horse drawn carriages or small Hybrid vehicles. Music is the third top trend with couples choosing to add a more sophisticated feel to their special day. Common choices this season are: a live pianist, classical music, or jazz playing in the background; which compliments the themes of Winter Wonderland and Elegance, rather than having a DJ. Although, adding popular songs to the mix for dancing is always a great idea! Centerpieces, the number 4 top trend this winter include a classic candle with festive themed decorations around it, featuring low-lighting at the venue to maximize the candle light. Some couples with larger budgets are choosing to have ice sculpture vases, (but be careful…they melt and tend to be very expensive). And lastly, the Bride’s Bouquet; the number 5 top trend is white and red roses –further accentuating your elegant, winter theme.

But remember, these hot season-specific trends can all be tailored to fit your budget and especially to suit your own specific style—which makes your wedding most unique!

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