3 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Guy Friends and A Happy Wife

Newlyweds balancing friends & their relationshipGuys always tend to have a posse of guy friends.  After all, they are who you watch your favorite sports games with, sometimes they are who you work with, and overall, they are who you have a good time with.  There are some times though, when your wife may not be particularly thrilled with some of your buddies.  You may be lucky and everyone gets along beautifully.  But then there may be a few moments when you realize things are becoming a bit tense between times when you hang out with the guys and when you are with your wife.

Seeking out the right balance between your friends and your true love can occasionally seem a bit tricky, but try following these three simple concepts:

1. Don’t let the guys talk you into anything you are uncomfortable with (or that you know your wife would seriously object to!).

Many women object to a man’s friends because of the things he does with them.  From getting drunk to doing something ridiculous, your wife might worry that they are a bad influence on you.  Their potential bad influence as well as your wife’s disapproval can lead to a knot of problems.  Any time you go out with your friends, remember that you are an adult and will make adult decisions.  Your friends should not be able to talk you into anything that you do not want to do.  Likewise, if you know your wife has a serious problem with something in particular, you can make her a much happier woman by agreeing to stop that specific activity and stick to your promise.

2. Make sure to balance out time with the guys and time with her.

It isn’t hard to understand that men will need some time with other men.  Just as your wife goes out with her girlfriends for a fun day of shopping or a spa treatment, she understands your need to hang out with the guys and relax.  As long as you balance out time with your friends and time with your wife, everyone will be happy.  If you spend each and every night with the guys and never spend any alone time with your wife, it won’t be any surprise that you come home to a very unhappy woman!  She married you – she loves you, and she wants to be with you.  When you show her that you can manage time with her and time with the guys, she will feel comfortable in your commitment to her.

3. Remind her that she is #1 in your heart.

When it comes down to the wire – the guys or your wife – let her know that she is your #1 choice.  Sometimes it may be as simple as telling her you love her and you intend to be home by a specific time and then honor that promise.  Or it may mean staying home on your anniversary when the guys have prime hockey tickets.  Just remember, honoring your new wife will only result in good things for you.  Trust us….it’s worth it!

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