It’s That Time Again: March Madness

march madnessYour idea of March Madness may be coming up with a plan to put your winter items away and get ready for spring cleaning in time for the next season; however, March Madness is actually an NCAA Basketball Tournament involving the best 65 teams in college basketball. You may be confused about March Madness, but believe me your husband not only knows what it is, but chances are he’s one of the 30 million Americans who participate in an office pool in hopes to win the big prize! You can expect to watch your fair share of basketball from March 13th-April 4th and maybe even hear a few choice words coming from your spouse’s mouth if his favorite team fails to make the game winning shot (or worse he loses the money he bet filling out an office pool bracket)!  Create a bracket at

March Madness Fun Facts (Source:

• Odds of picking a perfect bracket? 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 to 1. That’s nine quintillion to one! How big is that number? It is a billion times as big as 9 billion! Think of it this way: if every man, woman, and child on the planet randomly filled out one million brackets each, the odds would be greater than 1000 to 1 that even one would have a perfect bracket.

• Defining an upset as beating a team at least 4 seeds higher, there’s an average of 8.7 per year. There’s never been a year with less than 5 upsets.

• The last 10 champions have been won by 9 different schools. Connecticut is the only team to cut down the nets twice in the last decade (as of 2007).

• The FBI estimates that more than $2.5 billion is illegally wagered annually on March Madness each year. Less than 4% of that amount is wagered legally in Nevada.

Whether you’re going to tune in for March Madness or you’re planning to have some quality ME time, you’ll need to know the dates for the 2011 NCAA Tournament:

Selection Sunday: March 13th

First Four (NEW): March 15th-16th

Second Round: March 17th-18th

Third Round: March 19th-20th

NCAA Sweet 16®: March 24th-25th

Elite 8®: March 26th-27th

Final Four®: April 2nd, April 4th

Are you into March Madness like your spouse? If not, what do you do for 3 weeks during the tournament?

3 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again: March Madness

  1. Anthony

    Great post you seem like an understanding wife lol. I have been trying for years and never came close to winning the pool, but my wife forgive me


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