75,000th Customer Reflections

MissNowMrs CelebrationExciting news: MissNowMrs.com recently celebrated our 75,000th customer! It’s rather amazing to look back and realize exactly how many brides and newlyweds have benefited from the idea of one fed-up newlywed.

My disastrous name-change experience, including 3 trips to get my driver’s license, led to the idea for an easy online name-change service for brides nationwide. Despite my complete lack of computer skills, I (with the help of my new husband & another business partner) put together the framework for what is now MissNowMrs.com.  The framework was easy compared to the research.  Imagine calling all of the Motor Vehicle Administrations in all 50 states to fully understand their name-change requirements.  That research project and then similar ones for all of the other name-change forms fed into the vast information base that powers MissNowMrs.com today.

MissNowMrs.com is proud to be a small woman-owned business that makes the lives of other women easier.  It’s worth every tedious hour of research to know that our customers can change their name and save 13 hours of unnecessary hassle. That’s a lot of time to spend enjoying your newlywed status instead of standing in government office lines!

Here’s one of my all-time favorite customer quotes about our service:

“This is a great service that you are providing. I put off my name change for a year, because I was dreading ALL the paperwork!  A newly married friend of mine, kindly informed me of your services. Needless to say, I’m ready to be a Mrs. now!! Thanks MissNowMrs.com!!”

~Jennifer M.

Did you use MissNowMrs.com for your married name change?  If so, did it help save you time and stress?  We’d love to hear about your experience in a comment.

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