Win 6 months of Skype Live Group Video Chat & a Web Cam!

Skype Newlywed GiveawayExciting news!  We have a really fun and functional giveaway this month: a 6 month Skype voucher that allows the winner and up to 9 of her friends to communicate via video chat at the same time!! The folks at Skype are also including a FREETALK Buddy Cam, which plugs into your USB drive for instant video chat!

Think of all the fun things you can do and plan via live video chat with 9 of your gal pals. You can easily overcome the long-distance dilemma of working with a destination wedding coordinator or the bridal party planning with any of your bridesmaids who are out of state.  Another fun idea is to plan a virtual happy hour with all of the friends that live too far away to regularly meet up.

With help from the ever-simple Skype, the Bride-to-be will forget about the knots in her stomach and get excited to tie the real one. Group video calling is part of Skype’s new premium subscription ($8.99/month), but only one person on the call has to pay for it (up to 10 people can be on one Skype video call at once).

Brides Can Use Skype to:

  • Try on her dress for the webcam with her bridesmaids watching from their own homes
  • Check out how her bridesmaids look in their frocks
  • Check in with her far-flung wedding planner
  • Get mom’s opinion on whether those flowers are tasteful or just tacky.
  • The bridal party can even get together via group video chat to plan the bachelorette party!

Newlyweds Can Use Skype to:

  • Show off their new house or apartment to out-of-town friends and family
  • Get instant input on furniture and decorating decisions
  • Stay connected with their long distance loved ones
  • Introduce new members of the family…be they pets or babies!!!

Are you ready to keep in touch with all of your long distance friends via live video chat instead of lame old email? Leave a comment on this, or our  Skype Group Video Chat posts this month and you’ll be automatically entered to win. Tell us all about why you should win this amazing giveaway…are you trying to coordinate bridesmaids in 4 states or do you have family that you never get to see in person? The randomly selected contest winner will be announced on July31st!! If we don’t hear back from the winner within 2 weeks, we will randomly select a new winner to make sure someone ends up with this great goodie!

**If you tweet this giveaway by clicking the green retweet button below and then post a comment that you tweeted with your twitter handle, you’ll receive an additional contest entry!**

8 thoughts on “Win 6 months of Skype Live Group Video Chat & a Web Cam!

  1. Holly Houser

    I love this idea! I travel a lot and don’t get to see my friends very often. How awesome would it be to be able to talk to them all at once! Love this and love skype!

  2. Samantha Tananbaum

    It was so great to see our family at our wedding last weekend, but they live all over the country. This would be a great way to keep in touch!

  3. Lindsey Ehlert

    WOW! We’ve had to reset OUR date for the 3rd time due to my bridal party being OUT of STATE(s), limiting my help and communication to PHONE and F BOOK!!!! The web cam/Skype idea would prevent any further interruptions!!!

  4. Jessica Rossiello

    This would definitely be great because only one of my bridesmaids lives near me. One is in Boston and the others are in the same state but cities further away. All of my relatives are also in NJ, PA, FL, WA, AK, and so on, while I am here in VA. This will help me better communicate with everyone!!

  5. D Higgins

    We had a wonderful wedding just a few weeks ago. Some of our family was able to make it to the wedding and reception but others had obligations that kept us from seeing them. We now share family (as well as close friends that are like family) in locations all over the world that we look forward to keeping in touch with via Skype. We have loved ones in AZ, CA, TX, FL, NE, Guam, Canada, Italy, Japan and Germany. Our parents are over 14,000 miles away combined. So needless to say, our budget includes savings to go and visit them in the next year (hopefully). Best wishes for a lovely wedding and joyful married life to all the other 2012 brides! D and Chris-June 16, 2012

  6. Elizabeth McKee

    My husband and I are facing a year apart once his deployment begins in November of this year. It will be tough to be apart so much of our first year as husband and wife, but I plan to use Skype to keep in touch! We could have big group chats with my husband during his deployment with friends and family members around the world. I could show him clean-ups or new house improvements, and share some of the goings-on he will miss in his year away from home. One way or another, we will be using Skype to stay connected!

  7. Jennifer Mauser-Ertl

    My husband and I were married last August. My family across the country a few months after we were engaged. I did all the wedding planning myself and had to communicate with all the bridesmaids and my parents via cellphone or email. Now that the big day is over, its still difficult to keep in touch with my family. We live in my husband’s hometown near my husband’s family and friends, but all of my relationships are long distance. It would be great to keep in contact with skype! We’ve used it before but are limited to talking to one person at a time. I’d like to feel connected to the ones I love while living so far away!

  8. Ellery

    My new husband and I had a beautiful ceremony a week ago, but very few of his family members were able to attend since most of them do not live in the US. We would love to use Skype to keep in touch with his international family–many of whom are in Sweden! We are also moving to a different state soon, so we will be farther from my family as well. I don’t want to miss anything that my adorable little nieces and nephews do as they grow up!


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