Newlywed Couples That Play Together Stay Together

Newlywed Game NightGet up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, clean up, sit down, watch television, go to bed…repeat.  Does this sound like the routine you have fallen into as a couple?  If so, you are not alone.  A large percentage of newlywed couples find that the pattern of work and living together in the same house can lead to a rather mundane existence when compared to the excitement of wedding planning and the honeymoon. While a routine can be a good thing, it can also rob a relationship of  its natural luster. While it might not be possible to go out every night, there are always ways to spice things up around the house.

Forgotten FunMany board games across this nation have been stashes away in closets, attics, or on book shelves to collect dust while occupants of the home turn to digital devices for entertainment.  However, for the couple trying to find some fun to be had around the house, few things can beat a challenging board game.  Whether it’s a lighthearted round of checkers or a competitively driven game of Scrabble, the activities can exercise the mind while improving your relationship.  Looking to add some sizzle to game night? Simply play a body conscious game like twister after a glass or two of wine!

Digital Date Night – Ok, so you said goodbye to board games long ago and aren’t ready to head back to the store for more.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a game with your spouse.  Pick up the Wii remote or other video game controller and challenge him or her to play.  Work together to destroy a common enemy or win an Olympic game and then celebrate your victory!

Get Creative - Have you always wanted to learn how to paint?  Did you once have a knack for pottery?  Or, have you been dying to try a new cooking technique?  Rather than trying it by yourself, invite your spouse to join you.  You may have to bribe him, but joint discovery of new talents is a great way to stay excited about your relationship. Learning more about each other and doing something new together is a fantastic way to stay excited about your relationship.

Honey Do’s - Take a quick look around your home…see room for improvement?  Maybe there is an outdated light fixture, a fraying carpet, or a kitchen in desperate need of new paint.  However small the project may be, when done together it can create a source for bonding.  You can have a lot of fun looking for the perfect shade of paint or carpet and then installing it.  Aside from improving your home, you’re also improving your relationship.

What do you do to play together?  Do you have a standing card night, play a sport together or spend time in the kitchen getting creative? We’d love to hear about your togetherness activities in a comment!

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