A MissNowMrs Proposal Story!

MissNowMrs Proposal CoupleEveryone loves a creative proposal story….it warms your heart and makes you remember how special love is.  Now if that proposal story involves your business, that makes it even more special!  We have a great proposal story to share with you that involves a MissNowMrs name change gift card and the adorable couple in the photo!

So we were writing out MissNowMrs gift card messages earlier this week and I saw one that said “I would like you to be Mrs. Smith*.  Love, Grant”. This first thought that sprang into my mind was “Is this a proposal?!”.  So, we emailed Grant and he did indeed mail one of our gift cards to his girlfriend asking her to become his wife.

Can you imagine her curiosity as she found the blue swirly envelope we mail our cards in along with a stack of her regular mail, bills and catalogs?  I wish there was a hidden camera to record her reaction as she read Grant’s proposal and our gift card fell into her lap!

Kudos to Grant for such a sweet and creative way to ask the woman he loves to become his wife! We love when fiances send gift cards to their significant others to save them time and hassle on their transition from Miss to Mrs., but this is by far our favorite gift card gifting to date.

Do you know anyone that gave their fiance one of our cards?  We’d love to hear and share the story with our readers.  We’d also love to hear about your own proposal stories.

*Name has been changed to protect the couples’ privacy

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