MissNowMrs Name Change Gift Cards in Davids Bridal Stores!

Danielle Tate, MissNowMrs Founder

Exciting news! MissNowMrs.com gift cards are now available for sale at all David’s Bridal 300+ stores! That means that brides and newlyweds nationwide can purchase married name change gift cards for themselves or for bridal shower/wedding gifts in stores or online.

As an entrepreneur it is very gratifying to see a company life-long goal come to fruition. I remember founding MissNowMrs and hoping to someday make large wedding industry partnerships that would put my service in front of millions of brides. MissNowMrs is the very first company to EVER sell a gift card in a David’s Bridal store, and we are very proud of the achievement!

Curious what the gift card is good for? MissNowMrs gift cards give the recipient a free name change account. This account auto-completes all of the necessary name change forms in the U.S., such as the Social Security form, IRS 8822, U.S. Passport form, State Driver’s License form, Vehicle Registration Form, Voter Registration form as well as custom notification letters for all banks, credit cards, insurances, utilities, professional licenses, etc. Sum total, that $29.95 gift saves each bride over 13 hours of name change hassle!

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