Where You Found Your Bridesmaids & What That Means About You

I recently saw this photo on Pinterest, and thought it was first of all a great wedding photo idea and also a great topic to write about. The people you choose to stand up in your wedding party are supposed to be the most important people in your life that you picture supporting your marriage through all of its ups and downs.  This pin made we wonder about the meaning of who your bridesmaids are/were and where/when did you meet them in life?

My bridesmaids included my hometown best friend (we met in Girl Scouts), college & post college roommate and fellow bio major (she was one of the first people I met on campus), my first post college co-worker (who introduced me to my husband and later married my cousin) and my husband’s best girl friend (who helped salvage him after a terrible long term relationship).  All of these women have had profound impacts on me and have stood by me through many phases of my life.

Curiously absent from the bridal posse?  My sorority sisters.  I loved those crazy ladies but while I could picture them holding a beer bong or my hair back, I couldn’t see them supporting my new marriage.  Years later, I realize that they would and do, but at the time it was impossible to tell.  Do I regret not having one or two of them in my wedding?  Yes, but I don’t regret making bridesmaid decisions based on who I though would see me through newlywed and married life.

In the day and age where women factor in who will look best in their wedding photos and ask bridesmaids sign contracts about their weight and hair length, I would like to remind brides of the importance of who they surround themselves with on their big day and beyond.

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