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Newlywed and intimidated by the thought of changing your name with the Social Security Administration, IRS, USPS as well as on your state driver’s license, vehicle registration, passport and zillions of other important documents?  You’re not alone in your anxiety.  88.6% of U.S. brides opt to change their names after marriage, but the process is chock full of red tape, confusing forms with even more confusing questions and loooooooooooong government office lines.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a name change checklist that was customized to your specific state and situation? is the easy online name change service that not only auto-completes all of the necessary name change forms, it also provides the inside scoop on how to file by mail (thus skipping hours of time in office lines) AND a name change checklist to keep you on track.  Their proprietary checklist gives you a specific order to file your forms in, spots to enter the date you mailed the form(s) and makes sure that you don’t miss a single step or document (think things like notifying your utilities and medical providers) as you transition from Miss to Mrs.

What will you do with the 13 hours you save on changing your name?  We suggest a couples massage, a bit of shopping and dinner to celebrate your new married name!

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