Is Keeping Your Maiden Name a Huge Mistake?

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In the controversial world of married name change there is much debate around whether a woman should change her name after marriage.  In the whirlwind of debate there are the multiple choices of names that a married woman can opt to take.  Name change is a personal decision for every bride, and she should weigh all the factors that are important to her and her name now and in the future to avoid making a mistake that can last for decades.

Many women punt on the married name change decision and wait a few years or until they’re pregnant to make a choice.  While that may take the pressure off as a newlywed, it intensifies the pressure into a 9 month block later in life.  Consider how important it is to you to have the same name as your child or children.  Does it matter that you may need to explain your marital status and mis-matched names at various schools and social functions?  Do you think your kids will feel less connected as a family if they have your spouse’s last name and you use your maiden name?  Again, the choice is very much up to you and how you feel.

I recently read an article about a mother lamenting keeping her maiden name.  It’s rare to have a window into another person’s feelings about their name and name-change choices, so I was intrigued.  If you want to know why one mom feels that keeping her maiden name was a huge mistake, the Jill Simonian’s story is available here.  The main takeaway from her story is that “My name doesn’t match the people that are most important to me, which makes me sad, guilty, confused and scared.”  Those are big emotions, so take a moment and make sure that you won’t feel similarly if you keep your maiden name.

If you do decide that changing your name after marriage is the right choice for you and your (future) family don’t waste 13 hours standing in long office lines.  Use the MissNowMrs easy online name change service to go from Miss to Mrs. in a matter of minutes!

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