What #LoveWins Means for Married Name Change


The Supreme Court recently ruled to legalize same sex marriage in all 50 states.  The #LoveWins ruling was met with much celebration and will result in a multitude of same sex weddings this summer and fall.   First comes love, then comes marriage….followed by name change!

Instead of needing to petition the court system for a legal name change order; newlyweds, regardless of their sexual orientation, can now use the married name change process to change their name(s) after marriage.  They can use their county issued certified marriage certificate to begin filing for their new name on their social security cards, U.S. passports, IRS 8822, state driver’s license, voter registration and across all of their personal and professional accounts.  To streamline the 13 hour name change process into 30 minutes and get the inside filing scoop for your state, use the MissNowMrs online name change service. There’s no need to waste 13 hours of newlywed bliss waiting in long office lines!

It make take some time for all state offices to be compliant with the new ruling, case in point South Dakota, but change is happening for the institute of marriage and married name change. It is important to note that while all states will now accept same sex marriage certificates, there are still limitations on the name-change options available to newlyweds based on their state of residence.  Some states will not allow maiden to middle name change and all states except California do not allow blended last names via the married name change process.  If you have any questions about what married name change is right for you/available to you, play the MarriedNameGame and let its patent-pending algorithm give you your ideal option or email our support team for help!



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