Newlywed Wedding Clutter Turned into Cash!

Newlywed Bridal Gown It’s hard to imagine throwing away certain items that one had purchased for one’s wedding, but the idea of selling these items to a future Bride-to-be sounds much more appealing! Now more than ever, we’re all looking to conserve money on certain things, especially when planning for an oh-so fabulous wedding! So, I have the perfect site to share with you! Whether you’re a newlywed and are not sure what to do with some of your accessories and hand-made bows, or whether you’re in the planning stages of your wedding, you’ve got to check out

Bravo Bride is the largest online marketplace for all wedding items!  Some of the items you will find featured on Bravo Bride are: designer used wedding dresses, jewelry, accessories, ceremony and reception items, as well as wedding favors. Here’s how it works… You may register for an account with Bravo Bride (it’s free!) and up-load pictures of the items you wish to sell– at your listing price! If you are the Bride-to-be and there are still a few items on your planning checklist, register for an account and browse around! One of the cool features on BravoBride, is that the buyers and sellers can interact with one another to ask questions about the item and to discuss payment and shipping transactions! When planning my own wedding, I was always keeping an eye out for something unique and searching for new, creative ideas and that’s just what you’re going to find with the selection of items found on BravoBride.
When you sell or shop on BravoBride, you’re not just giving or getting the wedding items you need at a great price, but you’re also making the Earth-friendly choice to re-use. So if you’re now celebrating your one year anniversary and you still find yourself tripping over that tiara box in your spare bedroom, why not offer it to another Bride, and earn some extra spending cash at the same time?! If your thought-process is anything like mine, that extra spending money equals a new pair of shoes!

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