Could This Be The Perfect Time for a Weekend Getaway?

Newlywed Side by Side MassageRemember when you and your husband were dating and you would surprise each other with planning something special for just the two of you?  Maybe you would make a special meal for him and the two of you would spend quality time at home together or he would plan a weekend getaway for the two of you to enjoy a mini-vacation.  Think long and hard–when was the last time that you actually enjoyed uninterrupted quality time together?

Money might be tight right now (since you just had a wedding, or maybe you bought a home—and lets not even mention the economy!), but that’s no reason to forego planning a weekend away.  It doesn’t have to be any where extravagant to be a good time.

So, here’s a few ideas for a weekend getaway (some more budget-friendly than others, but all are sure to be a great time for the just the two of you)!

Spend the night at a Bed and Breakfast or your favorite hotel: If you ‘re lucky enough to live in the country or a mountainous area a Bed and Breakfast could be one of the most romantic places to go for the weekend.  You get to ‘feel like home,’ but without the stresses of cleaning or cooking dinner.

Plan a Spa Weekend: Set up an appointment for a couple’s massage and the two of you could lie there and forget all your worries while someone takes care of your muscles. Check out for reputable spas near you!

Plan a Camping Trip: All you need is a tent and a sleeping bag (or two) and you could look at the stars all night while indulging in some delicious s ‘mores.

If a weekend away is too much you could try these one day adventures:

Visit a Local Amusement Park: Stop denying yourself of your inner-child!  Everyone remembers when they were young and how much fun it was to ride the roller coaster over and over again.

Plan a Picnic: Visit a local park and have a picnic lunch or dinner.  You could go bike riding or hiking while you’re there too; which allows the two of you to enjoy your time together and counts as your cardio workout for the day!

Visit a Local Winery: Lots of wineries offer free tastings and most don’t even require a reservation!  If your winery has a deck/patio with tables, you could purchase your favorite bottle and enjoy it with some cheeses, grapes and snacks from home—just pack a small cooler!

No matter how busy your lives may seem, always remember that your relationship should come first. It’s not always that easy, but if you make it a point to surprise each other once in awhile with something fun, you’ll both truly appreciate it!

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  1. Keil

    I totally agree that even the short getaways are almost better! My hubby and I did a quick 2-day during the off season at a nearby resort. We didn’t have to pay for travel expenses and got a deal on the room. Plus, with fewer people there, we felt like it was all our own. We’ve also had wine picnics at our favorite park. Some of our favorite memories have been those spur of the moment picnics!


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