3 Secrets to Preventing Newlywed Weight Gain

Newlywed Avoiding Weight GainAfter your fiancé pops the question, there are a million thoughts that immediately run through your head, and then the planning begins! Along with the preparation for a wedding, most women also begin physically preparing themselves to fit into the wedding dress they’ve always dreamt of, through strict dieting and long hours at the gym! Well, what happens after the wedding? Your time is no longer consumed with wedding plans and it can be very easy to put on those extra few pounds, so get your hubby on board with you and come up with a diet and fitness plan to suit the both of you!

Here are a few healthy lifestyle tips and sites, to help you avoid those post-wedding pounds and establish a healthy lifestyle early on in the game.

1. Healthy eating is an important concept when trying to loose or maintain your weight, but shopping healthy is probably the most important! If you and your spouse decide to establish a healthy lifestyle and learn to eat healthy early on in your marriage, it’s easier to maintain this habit down the road!  Find yourself some healthy recipes, and construct your grocery list from there. Check out one of my favs: EatingWell.com.  Try to stay away from the junk when you’re shopping; this is a true test of will-power ladies. As you know the more accessible it is, the more frequently you’re going to help yourself and indulge! And remember the golden rule… do not go grocery shopping when hungry!

2. If you’re like me, then you’ve tried every diet regimen out there and have completely exhausted your ‘dieting’ efforts, and now realize that not all diets were made for every BODY, because not all bodies are created equal, so decide what works best for you! Diets are often times short-lived, so just deciding to eat healthy, and watching portion sizes can be the key. Check out WebMD’s breakdown of healthy eating and diet.  Sign up for their email newsletter and you’ll receive some cool healthy recipe ideas as well!

3. Some of you may already have your own routine at the gym and enjoy your alone time when exercising, but working out a few days with your spouse will give you the extra push your body needs. If you’re not a gym go-er, home video workouts is the new craze to really whip yourself into shape. If this is something you and your hubby can both commit to, it can be a fun activity and improve on teamwork! My personal favorite is: BeachBody.com.   Regardless of how you choose to exercise, it is important to find something you love.  Remember to switch up your workout so that you’re not just going through the motions, so-to-speak, but also giving your fitness level an extra push! The summer months are the perfect time to take advantage of the warm weather when you have the opportunity, and plan your workout, outdoors! For some fitness tips and tricks, check out what Selfhas to say.
Whatever you decide to do, do it together, you’ll be appreciative of each other’s support and establish a long, happy… healthy life together!

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