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People love giving advice about all kinds of topics, as a way to help others. You know this, you’re a newlywed who has more-than-likely received an array of solicited or unsolicited advice about how to be the perfect bride, perfect wife, perfect friend or co-worker (basically, how to be Super Woman)!

Here’s 3 bits of advice graciously given to myself and 2 of my colleagues by our closest family members that we felt would help you in your new status as a newlywed couple!

The best advice I received was to never stop talking to your husband. At the time I thought, what is that supposed to mean, of course I’m going to always talk to him. Now, after 4 years of marriage I realize that the person meant talk with (a.k.a. communication is the key). Some people may think this is so easy, but it is in fact one of the hardest things to do. Most people can talk until their blue in the face, but communicating well is another story. So my advice to you is that a conversation should always be a two-way street when you or your spouse is feeling upset or even happy about something!

Another great piece of advice that one of my colleagues received is to NEVER go to bed angry! Stay up all night if you have to, but always come to an agreed upon resolution to the issue at hand. There will be times that you may have to agree to disagree and that’s ok as long as you remember to respect each other’s views on the issue.

Last, but certainly not least is to remember to show appreciation for one another. Think back to when the two of you were dating (and perhaps living separately). When you were out shopping you would see something (i.e. a shirt or favorite food) that made you think of the other person and smile. What did you do? Maybe you called him/her, texted or purchased the item for your significant other. Don’t stop doing that now! It’s so easy to let life (work, friends, kids, etc.) get in the way sometimes. Remember, often times it’s the little things that count the most!

What is the best advice that you have received regarding your newlywed couple status? Not a newlywed (no problem), what is the best advice that you could give to our newlywed readers? They all want to know what has worked best for you and your spouse to create a happy long-lasting marriage.

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