5 Things Every Newlywed Needs In Their Bedroom

Newlyweds in BedAside from love, trust and understanding, there are a few extra things newlyweds can benefit from having in their bedrooms.  Read on to see our top picks…

Candles – EVERYONE looks better in candlelight plus it’s romantic!  Hint: pick a candle scent that gives you both a similar vibe.  If vanilla reminds you of an exotic vacation, but it reminds your husband of his grandma’s kitchen…well you may not end up with the same ideas around bedtime.

Something You Feel Sexy in – Whatever makes you feel good about your body, be it lingerie, a silk robe, a tiny cami set or a comfy t-shirt.

Drapes (LOL) – Even if you’re a touch voyeuristic, you don’t want to be the topic of neighborhood conversation.  If your house or apartment didn’t come with window coverings, invest in some asap!

Music – Cue the Barry White…or not!  Put together a sweet or saucy playlist for an evening endeavor or buy a CD specifically for the bedroom.  Here’s a site that might give you some ideas.

Lube – You might not need it all the time, but it can help make more adventurous positions a lot more comfortable (hey we all read Cosmo )!

*Bonus: Chocolate Body Paint – Combining two of the best things in life….sex and chocolate.  What could be better?   Karma Sutra makes a great set that includes dark, milk and white chocolate.  Enjoy!

What do you think are the most important things newlyweds can keep in their bedroom?  Try to keep your comments PG-13 ladies!

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