Newlywed: Not an Excuse to Let Yourself Go!

Newlywed UpkeepIf you’re like the majority of newlywed women, you’ve just finished the equivalent a full year fast (well at least a pre-wedding diet & exercise regime), beauty boot camp and planning the largest party of your entire young life. After all that, it totally makes sense to enjoy your honeymoon and let lose a little bit. Those are the key words: a little bit. Newlywed life can be a slippery slope of take-out, lounging around and basking in your newly married status.

Excessive “basking” can result in a shocking moment when you look in the mirror and realize it’s been a few months since you’ve seen the gym, salon or spa! The solution: Make some appointments…STAT!

We’re here to help! Are you dreading the trip for you next Brazilian bikini wax (but you know your husband loved it on the honeymoon)? We’ve got the solution for you! Extend the “honeymoon phase” a while longer with the help of BareEase & Cream. This kit includes a physician-formulated cream will not only erase the pain and discomfort associated with waxing, but its skin soothing components will leave your skin feeling soft, silky and sexy post salon visit! The cream is quickly absorbed into the skin underneath the cute pink panty made of latex, which keeps the cream where it’s supposed to be and not on your 7 jeans!

We want to make sure that our newlywed blog readers have the upper hand when going bare down there, so leave a comment on this post and be entered to win a free BareEase & Cream kit! The winner will be announced next Tuesday (November 2nd)!

Have any of you ladies used this product before?  We’d love to hear your feedback or any crazy waxing experiences you’ve had…so leave a comment!

0 thoughts on “Newlywed: Not an Excuse to Let Yourself Go!

  1. Marcie

    Great article! I have seen so many friends let go a little too much after getting married which is bad news for the marriage-husbands notice extra pounds and extra pounds do nothing for self esteem-if you don’t feel good about yourself then you’re certainly not going to have the happiest marriage possible. Staying fit =feeling sexy= happy marriage.

  2. bex

    Ha! It was just this week that I was looking at the calendar realizing that I hadn’t been to the gym in a month, and that I was in sore need of a trip to the salon. BareEase actually sounds like a dream come true. Hope to win!

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  4. Ashley McCrea

    What a great product that I was un-aware of! Fi and I both love the results when I visit the salon but I do not enjoy the process or sometimes the redness that comes with the irritation afterward. Talk about having the case of “Don’t touch me for a couple of days…” not sexy.
    I hope I win, good luck ladies! :o)


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