Newlywed Advice for the Holidays: Shop Now!

Newlywed Advice Holiday ShoppingI realize that  it’s still October, but a newlywed can never be too prepared for her first holiday season as a Mrs..  Your first Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzaa with your mate is a memory you will cherish forever, and planning ahead can allow you so much more time to truly enjoy it.  Read on to learn our tips for saving time and money (and quite possibly your sanity) in the coming months!

The pros for shopping ahead of the holiday season are endless:

– You can take time to find just the right gift for each person in both of your families instead of settling on some last minute choices.  Oh yes…there are instantly twice as many people to shop for now that you’re married, but the upside is there’s usually twice as many presents to receive!

– Early shopping allows you to take advantage of online private sale sites such as, where you can buy luxury gifts at a fraction of retail prices.  These sites usually have a one to two week shipping lag from time of purchase, so they work better for early bird shoppers than procrastinators.

– Starting early can allow you to make personalized gifts for friends and family.  This is not only budget friendly, but can be really fun.  Some ideas for hand-made holiday goodies include bath balls, flavored olive oils in fancy bottles or infused vodka for festive martinis.

 -If you have gifts purchased well ahead of the holidays, you have so much more time to enjoy wrapping them.  Imagine listening to carols and sipping mulled wine or eggnog as you leisurely wrap gifts over a few evenings instead of frantically trying to wrap fifty gifts in one evening! 

 – Extra time around the holidays can be used to decorate your home, go sledding, attend a cocktail party, hang out under the mistletoe with your hubby or to take care of others in need.  Here’s a list of the Top 5 Holiday Charities where twenty minutes of your spare time can result in a huge difference in a child’s life.

The list could go on and on, but the main idea is that starting to think about what you’re getting who well before you need to has some definite benefits, especially for newlyweds balancing two families (or more) for the first time this holiday season.  Do you have any tips or ideas you’d like to share with our readers?  Please leave us a comment today!

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