New Music, New Workout, New Newlywed You!

Newlywed Gym Track ListWorking out is not only a physical thing, but it’s a mental thing too! In order to push yourself physically, you first need to mentally encourage yourself and think positively in order to reach your fitness goals! Do you find yourself walking out of the gym (or limping!) and you feel so much more mentally refreshed and happier than how you felt when walking in? Exercising has such a fantastic effect on your mental state-of-mind!  After having instructed various aerobics classes for many years, I will tell you that there is one factor that can completely alter your mindset, and ultimately control your workout, and that is listing to music while working on your fitness! I absolutely cannot step foot into a gym without my ipod, and if I forget it, then I forgo my workout for the day!  I wanted to share a few tips, tricks, and songs with you, and I hope you’ll share yours with me too!

If you have not yet invested in an iPod or some mobile musical device, don’t worry, Christmas is coming! Hint, hint to your hubby! There have been so many studies conducted to show the correlation between listening to music and working out, here’s a good study to check out.  Your heart rate increases, your energy level is up, and you’re pushing yourself harder! The way your body subconsciously responds to music, does wonders for your disposition, intermittent mood swings, especially during pms!

So–if you are in a rut, or going through the motions on the elliptical, here’s the deal! Number one- change up your play list! I have recently dedicated techno music to my cardio workouts and practice intervals! Try to maintain a pace that is in sync with the tempo of your music, so this way you’re switching it up from song-to-song! Intervals are not only a big key to burning fat, but will keep you focused and concentrating on the amount of effort you’re putting into your workout! The more you focus and get into your workout, the better your results are going to be!

Here are some of my top fav cardio songs:

  1. Black Eyed Peas- Pump It!
  2. Black Eyed Peas- Hey Mama!
  3. Rusted Root- Ecstacy
  4. Cascada- Evacuate the Dance Floor
  5. Christina Aguilera – Dirty
  6. Flo Rida – Low
  7. Petey Pablo – Show Me The Money
  8. Pitbull  and Enrique Iglesias- I Like It
  9. Lady Gaga- Bad Romance
  10. Usher – OMG

What songs are on your gym play list…any tried and true winners?  Share them with us with a comment!

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