10 Newlywed Stress Busters (Under $10)!

Newlywed Stress Busters Under 10 DollarsThere’s only so much time in a day and not much of it is spent on you!  So take a minute to think about when you can remove yourself from the stresses of your world, and make YOU your only responsibility. It is important to spend some time clearing your head and getting rid of the stress built up from the day. So to get you started, I’ve put together a few ideas that may interest you and possibly spark some new ideas of your own! The holidays are around the corner, so start de-stressing right now (before it builds up inside)… and because the holidays are coming- let’s be mindful of our wallets!

Here are a few of my fav’s to relieve stress- under $10.00:

  • Break out a movie- better yet, how about a soothing workout DVD! I particularly like pilates every once in awhile to throw my body for a curve, and it’s relaxing pace allows for you to concentrate on the different poses. It’s a great mental exercise as well, because when you’re going through the motions on a cardio machine at the gym- you’re still thinking about your responsibilities! Here are a few Pilates DVDs that you can find for under $10.
  • Get a massage—from your hubby of course! Since going to a masseuse can be a little pricey, and besides you’ll enjoy it more this way!
  • Bath & Body- It Works! Pick a night after work, go home, and pour a nice warm bath for yourself- and most importantly, leave your cell phone in another room!! I can’t think of anything more relaxing than a bubble bath!  Go to the store, pick out your favorite fragrance, and enjoy! There’s plenty to choose from for under $10.
  • Life isn’t always a walk in the park- but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take one once in awhile! If it’s not exactly 70 degrees outside, throw your scarf and gloves on and pick up your favorite latte on your way! Sunshine and fresh air does wonders!
  • Remove yourself from the world, and indulge in a book! The most obvious way to not think about your own responsibilities and ‘get away’ is to get into someone else’s world! Find the latest book by your favorite author, or try something new and try reading a chapter a night; it will give you something to look forward to!
  • PJ’s, a chick flick, and yes, a big bowl of ice cream! This is an instant mood-booster!
  • Turn on some music at home, light some aromatherapy candles and either relax on the couch, or cook-up your favorite recipe (but only if you enjoy cooking, otherwise that will just stress you out more)!
  • Plan a picnic, with your hubby or your favorite gal pal! Be sure grab a blanket and throw in a bottle of vino!
  • Thrifty Shopping! Shopping is always an automatic stress-reliever for me, although sometimes not in my budget! So check out your local thrift store and browse around! There are always great treasures to find! Don’t wanna leave home— try Ebay!
  • Get Your Tan On! Although this is not the healthiest of options, this is a great way to escape! Once in a while I find it to be extremely relaxing to go tanning or spray tanning, just lying in the warm bed, listening to music, and just knowing you’re going to look fabulous when you come out!

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