Newlywed Art Advice: Compromise

Newlywed Art Advice: CompromiseArt is defined as: the creation of works of beauty or other special significance.  That being said, there is a very wide range of ideas about what is and isn’t art.  Newlyweds are the most likely segment of the population to experience this variance in a very personal way.  As you combine your worldly goods, you may be in for some surprises in the art department!   For example, you may have a framed Monet print and know that it is indeed art by most people’s standards.  Your husband may see the same print as a really blurry elementary school project while his framed Chicago Bulls poster (from college) is worthy of the prized spot over your living room couch.  What can a newly married couple do?

Hopefully you both can compromise on your tastes and use your collective art to decorate your home.  If your partner has one particular piece that drives you crazy, consider offering him a trade. Tell him he can select any item out of your wall art to give to Go0d Will as long as you can do the same thing.  You need to be willing to part with the fuzzy kitty inspirational poster from high school if you expect him to get rid of something that is important to him too.

Compromise is the way to go unless your beloved’s art collection includes  naked women that you find offensive, images of his previous girlfiend(s)/wife, or truly gory/scary stuff.  In that circumstance you need to hold your ground and stoop to calling his mother about the situation if necessary.  For most of you, you know your spouse well enough that art won’t result in major conflict in your marriage.  If there is some unhappiness about a certain wall or section of your home, consider selecting a piece for that spot together.  That way you’ll both enjoy the view.

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