Tips to Becoming a Healthier You in the New Year!

Newlywed New Years FitIf you’ve already come up with your New Year’s resolution and decided on the ever-so-popular goal to drop a few pounds in the New Year (such as my hubby and I have already made a pack to do together), here are some ideas to think about and a few tips to help you stick with, and accomplish your goals!

Grab a partner…A.K.A.– get your spouse on board with you! Not only does the extra motivation help when it comes to incorporating work-out time into your weekly schedules, but if you are both focused on weight loss and healthy eating, you will be less likely to give into that amazing smell of fast food on your way home from work!
Don’t wait till the clock strikes midnight! Okay, since I’ve already faced the fact that yes, the cookies, pies, fudge, and our favorite holiday cocktails have already taken over our routine meal plans, I’ve switched my focus to portion control management! If you’ve already decided on losing weight, don’t wait until Jan.1 to really get the ball rolling, it’s just going to be that much harder if your 15 pound weight loss goal, somehow overnight turns to 20! Regulate your intake on sweets, and stick to you English muffin for breakfast, the pie can wait for dessert!

Rid your house from the junk! When it comes to a healthy diet, some people like trying out different diet meal plans, diet pills, etc… and sometimes you can find one that actually works and makes you feel great, and loose the weight quickly! For some of us diets, work for a few weeks, then we go off and the weight pours back on. The best diet method I have found to really work is… if I don’t see it, I don’t eat it! So on your next trip to the grocery store, skip the chips, cookies, and any other unhealthy food weaknesses, and you will gradually notice that your desire to snack on these items has diminished. Not to mention, once the daily after-dinner bowl of ice cream is no longer, the morning squats won’t be necessary anymore when putting on your skinny jeans! Also, if you’re not sure of how to shop healthy, did you know that the healthiest foods are found in the outside aisles of the grocery store (processed and unhealthy foods are located in the middle aisles)?

If you are not into the gym thing and Denise Austin on your television is just not working for you anymore (no hits on Denise Austin- I personally think she is fabulous!) you must check out the Wii Fit! The good news is, there is still time to add the Wii and a few workout games to your Christmas list, but hurry! This is the hottest revolution in home fitness, and is great for those who enjoy the privacy of their own home, and also for those that have a little one at home to tend to—this is perfect!
If you are still looking for an extra push and something to really get you focused and goal-driven with your New Year’s fitness plan, hire a personal trainer! Fitness and nutrition is their specialty, and they will offer you drive and motivation, a new work-out plan, and often times much quicker results from your new work-out and nutritional regimen! Even if just for a month, it will be worth your while!

Please share your New Year’s Resolutions with us, and if they are fitness related, tell us your work-out and diet regimen! The good news is, there is still time to decide on what you really want for Christmas … but not much time left, so don’t miss your opportunity!

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