Wedding Anniversaries: Traditional or Non-Traditional Gifts

Newlywed Anniversary GiftBefore I became a newlywed, I was completely unaware of the fact that there are traditional gifts that you exchange with your spouse on your wedding anniversary each year!  Ok sure, I’ve heard of the 25th as the “Silver Anniversary” and the 50th as the “Gold Anniversary”, but aside from these two celebrations (what can be considered as monumental achievements these days) I didn’t know that there are actually specific gifts for each year.

I was pretty excited about this list of gifts, since I never know what to buy for my hubby, or even if I’m actually supposed to get him anything. This makes things a lot more interesting than flowers, dinner, and a movie (don’t get me wrong, I love these things but for your anniversary you like it to be… um… a little something more! My hubby and I have started our own tradition from wedding anniversary #1, to re-visit the venue where we had our reception where we have a nice romantic dinner, a bottle of wine, and end up sneaking ourselves into the reception room in the midst of another wedding taking place, just for one dance!

Here is a complete list of annual traditional wedding anniversary gifts.  You may use this guide for sentimental gift exchanges between you and your spouse or you can make it more fun by doing your own thing! Whatever you choose, this list will offer some ideas for you, and the opportunity to participate in this tradition which dates back to the Middle Ages.  You can find out more on the background of this tradition by reading the history. 

Is this a tradition that you and your spouse participate in? Do you and your spouse have your own traditional wedding anniversary gift or celebration with one another?  We would love to hear about it!

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    Having a list of traditional anniversary gift ideas is incredibly useful because it means that most people have a useful guide for getting their partners some fantastic gifts. Thanks for sharing the list.


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