Spring Fever

Spring FeverToday is the first day this year that we have seen 60 degree weather, so now I am super excited for spring! Seriously, I can’t wait until I can step outside and not have to look at or shovel anymore snow! Since we have been so infiltrated with bad snow storms this winter, who doesn’t have spring fever!? My hubby and I have been stuck indoors due to the weather lately, and because of this we are beginning to push each others’ buttons (to put it nicely)! In positive strides to rush in the warmer weather and bring myself and my spouse out of this mental rut, I have made a list of to-do’s for myself this week! Here are a few things that I will be doing to ring in the spring:

-Spring Decorating! After this week we will be taking down the Valentine’s decorations to replace them with a few spring items! My hubby and I love spending time together at home and decorations are something that we can both enjoy (at least that’s my excuse when shopping)!  I have already checked out Michael’s craft store and found some great ideas!  Not so crafty, here’s a personal home décor favorite!

-Brighten things up! Dig out a few lighter sweaters and brighter colored tops, and rotate them to the front of your closet. Start incorporating your spring clothes into your outfits. Also, try picking up some new eye shadow, lipsticks, and nail polish in the new spring colors. I don’t know about you, but a fresh new look always helps naturally perk up my mood!

-Plan a Vacay! After dinner, grab a bottle of wine, your laptop/ipad, etc… and cuddle up on the couch while searching for your next vacation spot! Nothing makes me happier than thinking about the warm sun, my toes in the sand, relaxing by the water and having a fruity drink with my hubby!

-Get Motivated! Spring is not quite here but it is well on its way, so start getting your body ready for the warmer weather now! When short sleeve shirt and shorts weather is here you’re going to be happy you stuck with your New Years’ resolution to tighten and tone!

Are you also experiencing a bit of spring fever? Is there anything that you’re doing to help you and your spouse escape the winter weather rut? Tell us!

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