Five Fun Ways To Focus On Your Girlfriends

Newlywed FriendsIt was just Valentine’s Day, and that means St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are around the corner.  As I think about holidays, I wonder why there isn’t a day to celebrate your best friends. Being a newlywed can be all-consuming as you figure out your married life, but don’t forget your buddies from before you tied the knot.  Here are a five ways to brighten the days of the ladies that are always there for you.

1.  Send a card. Whether it’s sentimental or downright silly, a card will brighten a best friend’s day for as little as 99 cents.  It’s really nice to find a surprise envelope in the midst of all the bills and catalogs that come in the mail every day.

2.  Give her a call. Do you struggle to keep in touch with long distance girlfriends that have insanely busy schedules?  Make a standing phone or skype date where you alternate who calls whom and maybe even plan to pour a glass of wine while you talk.

3.  Plan a pedicure. Make a mutual plan to catch up while you have your toes painted.  There’s something intensely girly and luxurious about going to a spa with a friend and chatting during your treatments. Be sure to look to see if there are any 2 for 1 specials in your area before you make your appointments!

4.  Surprise her with a bouquet. You could leave flowers that you purchased at the grocery store on your buddy’s porch or send this inexpensive sunshine bouquet (it’s only $18) to her office.  Just a few blooms will let her know how much you value your friendship and she’ll  smile for the entire time that they last.

5.  Make a playlist. Do you have songs that instantly remind you of your friend(s) and the times you’ve had together?  Compile a list of your favorite friend songs and then burn them to a CD for all of you. It’s a great way to walk down the memory lane of your friendship during your daily commute.

How are you balancing your girlfriends and newlywed life?  Do you have any fun ways that you keep in touch? Please let us know in a comment.

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