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5 Minutes For Your SpouseHow many times have you asked your spouse for “just 5 minutes” of their time? Did he/she give you those 5 minutes or did you get a list of a million and one reasons why “now is not a good time?”  Too often we believe that our time and needs are more important than the time and needs of our spouse.  After 4+ years of marriage I’ve figured out that our needs are equally important (don’t judge me…you know you’ve put yourself first before too)!  Time is precious (lets face it, we’re all busy and/or stressed out about work, bills, etc.) so why not take those few extra minutes to slow down and enjoy one another’s company or make our spouse’s life a little less stressful? Here are some examples of what you can do for your spouse that take just about 5 minutes or so and could result in YOU making his/her day that much better!

1.  Take out the trash

2.  Rub or scratch his/her back

3.  Hug/Kiss

4.  Hit the snooze button for an extra few minutes of cuddling time (a.k.a “spooning”)

5.  Listen to how his/her day was

6.  Feed and/or walk the dog

7.  Throw in a load of laundry and/or fold a load of clean laundry

8.  Pick up his/her favorite adult beverage to enjoy together at home

9.  Pick up his/her favorite take-out to enjoy dinner at home (sans cooking)

10.  Pack his/her lunch for the next day

It’s the little gestures and things that matter most in married life (and life in general), so the next time your spouse asks you for “5 minutes” remember that he/she wouldn’t ask if they didn’t really need you.

What is your initial reaction when your spouse asks you for “5 minutes?”  What do you do for your spouse (or does your spouse do for you) to make life a little bit easier?

0 thoughts on “Just 5 Minutes

  1. Weddzilla

    These are all great, and so simple! The best part about this list is they’re the little things that can be done every day, not every once in a while. Your sweetie will really appreciate these actions!

  2. Laura

    I completely agree with this post. More marriages would work out if people spent a little extra time doing things for each other. Great tips!

  3. Danielle Tate

    I’m so glad that you agree with my post. It really is true that 5 minutes can make your marriage better! :)


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