Newlywed Life: Unplugged

Newlyweds UnpluggedYou planned the big day using all of the best online tools, jetted off to your honeymoon (booked online of course) and sent an e-blast announcing your return home and new address.  You’re one high tech woman and we at salute you!  That being said, there are times when you can appreciate life and your spouse more without the use of technology. Our challenge to you?  Spend a day unplugged with the one you love.

Turn off your phone(s) – While your phone can keep you connected across the miles, it can also constantly distract you from the moment you’re living in.  Make a pact to turn off your phones on Friday evening and don’t look at them again until Sunday morning.  You’ll be amazed at how much more time you have with your beloved and how much more you will actually listen to what they have to say when you’re not being interrupted by various calls and texts.

Leave the ipod/ipad at home – We all love music and entertainment, but spending time solely focused on each other can do nothing but boost your relationship. You can take a walk and listen to each other and the sounds of nature around you or have a picnic at your local park.  The result?  Feeling more connected to each other and more at peace in your world.

Lose the remote – Picture this: sitting on the couch with your hubby and not watching television. Without the distraction of reality television or ESPN you can spend time together the old fashioned way…talking, playing a game or planning something fun to do over the weekend. You may find out that your husband is a lot more interesting than the re-run you would’ve watched and that you share one more thing in common (like being terrible at Scrabble).

Will you take the unplugged challenge or have you done something similar?  We’d love to hear your unplugged results and personal revelations!

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