Hot Newlywed Sex: Yes Please!

Newlywed RaincoatI just read a reporter’s request for feedback from women who have tried the “new trend” of having testosterone pellets implanted under the skin of their backs to increase their libidos.  Who does that?!  As newlyweds, we’re a blessed segment of the population when it comes to hot sex and its frequency. That being said, who doesn’t want a little boost in the bedroom?  Here are few non-surgical ideas to try out the next time you’re looking for inspiration.

Steamy Movie Scene – Pick a favorite steamy scene from a movie you’ve both watched and try it out.  Need some suggestions?  Choose something from Jerry Maguire, Unfaithful, Pretty Woman (if you’re a die-hard romantic) or Eyes Wide Shut.  I’m sure your hubby might be able to help select a scene too!

Body Paint – Get in touch with your artsy/sexy side with a  chocolate body paint kit. You can decorate each others bodies and lick it off, or decorate your own bodies and surprise each other with the results.  Arrows pointing to certain places can act as a sensual guide for your amour.

Raincoat Moment – This is a risky maneuver, but if you pull it off it will be something your spouse talks about for the rest of his life.  If your man has his own office (with a lock), show up to take him out to lunch in a raincoat, a pair of heels and nothing elseObviously you’re not going to actually have lunch! Please weigh the possibilities of being caught in the act and possible unemployment before trying this one.

Somewhere Different – You know how vacation sex is always a little more fabulous?  Part of that has to do with “doing it” in new surroundings. Book a room at a boutique hotel or set up a romantic scene in your attic as a surprise for your mate.

Wig Out – This suggestion might not work for everyone, but consider purchasing a wig that is radically different from your normal hair.  If you’ve got short black hair go for long and blonde and if you’ve got long brown hair, go for short and red.  You’ll get to feel like a totally different woman and your husband will get to experience sex with a totally different you!

What are you steamy secrets for keeping newlywed sex hot?  Share a PG-13 comment with our readers today!

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